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Restaurants in Minsk

There is a lot of nice restaurants in Minsk that serves both tasty and price worthy dishes. However supply doesnít always correspond to demand and in weekend evenings it may be quite hard to get a table if no booking is made in advance. The restaurants recommended below all serves dishes at a fair price level, there is no problem to get a main course with beverage for 10-15 Euros or below in any of the restaurants.

Nice restaurants in Minsk:

Il Patio
Italian restaurant serving pizza, pasta, meat-dishes, salads, and antipasta all at a nice price-level, especially considered the restaurant to have one of the best locations in Minsk.
Address: Prospekt Nezavisimosti 22
Metro: Oktybarskaya/Kupalovskaya
Phone: 227-17-91

Il Patio, Minsk, Belarus
Il Patio, nice Italian restaurant on the main street Nezavisimosti.

Petjki Lavotjki
Grill restaurant serving shaslyk made of meat, chicken or vegetables, fish and other dishes. The garlic fried potato is recommended. The beer menu contains Russian and Czech beer but Petjki Lavotjki also offers cocktails and wine. Main courses are priced from 15000 BYR.
Address: Prospekt Nezavisimosti 22
Metro: Oktybarskaya/Kupalovskaya
Phone: 227-78-79

T.G.I. Fridays
If getting tired of the Belarusian kitchen and want feel for something more American like a hamburge then T.G.I. Fridays is the place to go. Nice hamburgers, meat dishes, sallads and deserts like cheesecakes and apple pies. Cheeseburger with french fries are about 30000 BYR (Januar 2011). Not to forget is that T.G.I. Fridays have some nice drinks on the menu too. The restaurant offers an American interior with a youthfull touch.
Address: Nezavisimosti 22
Metro: Oktybarskaya/Kupalovskaya
Phone: 227-23-31

Cinema Kafe Dom
Cinema restaurant ĒCinema Kafe DomĒ serves nice european dishes. The restaurant ahs a modern and appealing interior and one of the rooms works like a cinema. Nice place where one can sit down to watch a movie when enjoying a nice meal and a couple of beers. Some nights are aimed for films other for live music, see the Cinema Kafe Dom website for more information.
Address: Krasnoarmejskaja 3, (centrala officers huset)
Metro: Oktybarskaya/Kupalovskaya
Phone: 289-13-81

Nice restaurant with a mediaeval interior in central Minsk.
Address: Prospekt Nezavisimosti 34
Metro: Oktybarskaya/Kupalovskaya
Phone: 284 75 41, 029-304 86 22

Skif restaurant, Minsk, Belarus. May
Skif, nice restaurant in central Minsk.

Zio Pepe
Italian, mexican, belarusian dishes and also pizza. Simple but still stylish intererior and service-minded personal. Also a good prices.Main dishes starts at about 3 Euros.
Address: Zolotoja Gorka
Metro: Plosjad Jakuba Kolasa
Phone: 293-72-01

Cuban restaurant that besides Cuban and European dishes also offers Cuban rom and Cuban cigars. Usually live music in the evenings.
Address: Ulitsa Melezha 5
Phone: 262-14-16

Ispanskij Kutok
Nice Spanish restaurant with some tasty Spanish dishes on their menu.
Address: Ulitsa Nemiga 36
Phone: 206-48-36

Trendy decorated pizza place that is a good bet for those that wantís a pizza and some beers. Teatro also serves nice meat dishes and pasta dishes.
Address: Ulitsa Bogdanovicha 6
Phone: 234-13-52

Gurman has some really nice meat dishes on itís menu but is also a nice place for a some beers
Address: Ulitsa Komunusticheskaya 7
Metro: Ploschad Pobedi
Phone: 236-67-74

Simple but nice lebanesse cafe for those that likes meat and kebab dishes. Byblos is locataed just a stone's throw away from the October square.
Address: Ulitsa Internatsionalaja 21
Metro: Oktybarskaya/Kupalovskaya
Phone: 289-12-18

 Byblos, Minsk, December 2005
Byblos, simple but nice lebaneese cafe in central Minsk.

Restauran-bistro Lido
Lido offers a great range of dishes from the russian and belrusian kitchen. Self service is applied, so itís quite easy just to grab what looks nice before paying at the counter. Cool and cozy countryside interior. Itís easy to get a proper and tasty dinner for less than 8 USD in this restaurant. Lido resembles the popular Mu-Mu restaurants in Moscow.
Address: Prospekt Nezavisimosti 49 (fd. Prospekt F. Skorini 1)
Metro: Plosjad Jakuba Kolasa
Phone: 284-82-64

Mc Donalds
One has made a hell out of a journey if going all the way to Minsk just to end up in Mc Donalds. But for those that still want to visit Mc Donaldís it may feel safe to know that there are at least some Mc Donald restaurants in Minsk.
Prospekt Nezavisimosti 49
Ulitsa Leningradskaya 18
Prospekt Dzerzhiskogo 96
Ulitsa Surganova 63
Ulitsa Pritytskogo 28
Ulitsa Nemiga 12

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