Minsk, Belarus.

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Minsk nightlife

There is a whole lot of great night clubs and pubs in to visit in Minsk. Night clubs usually holds open until five in the morning, pubs are closed earlier. Casinos are generally open 24 hours. Price-levels vary quite some bit from one place to another. Beer prices starts as low as 4000 BYR, but donít worry, if you think your company drinks to much there is no problem to find a place where they have to pay at least 10000 BYR or more for a beer. Entrance is about 20000-50000 BYR for most night clubs, weekdays are cheaper than weekends. Striptease is common in Minsk whether one like it or not.

Recommended night clubs and pubs in Minsk:

West World Club
One of the biggest night clubs in Minsk is the West World Club that takes more than 1000 visitors and offers both disco and a casino. West World Club offers erotic shows. The kitchen has both Belarusian and European dishes on offer.
Address: Ulitsa Storozhevskaya 15a
Phone: 239-16-16, 239-17-98

West World Club, popular night club next to hotel Belarus, disco, casino och strip-tease. May 2008
West World Club.

0,5 u Ratushi (Noll-Pjat u Ratushi)
Nice pub/restaurant in the very centre of Minsk. Music is played quite loudly. Itís hard to get a table in this place so itís recommended to reserve a table in advance. Beer prices starts at 6000 BYR for Belarusian beer.
Address: Ulitsa Gertsena 1
Metro: Nemiga
Phone: 226-06-43

 Minsk, December 2005

Night club on the main street of Minsk next to the Palace of the Republic. Affordable prices on beer, Krepkoe pivo (strong beer, which means 8 percent and above) goes for as little as 6000 BYR which means a lot of bang for the bucks.
Address: Prospekt Nezavisimosti 25
Metro: Oktybarskaya/Kupalovskaya
Phone: 227-59-82

Max Show
About a decade ago Max Show was one the better New Russian kind of night clubs in Minsk with expensive entrance, casino, a wealthy public and lots of Mercedes parked outside. Now a days its more like Russian discos was like in the 90's, it is simple, in need for renovation and the bar may run out of beer in the middle of the night. The good thing is that it is a whole lot cheaper these days. Lower prices are however needed as there no New Russian kind of visitors any-more, no Mercedes outside and definitively no casino any-more. Still it is a nice place to go to, especially for those that wants a 90's deja vu.
Address: Nezavisimosti 73
Metro: Akademija Nauk
Phone: 232-00-38

Belaja Vezha - White Tower, popular night club. December 2005
Belaja Vezha night club. Nightclub closed for the time being.

One of the bigger night clubs in Minsk, often holding concerts and differnt kind of events.
Address: Ul. V Horuzjej 29
Phone: 288-61-60

Rakovsky Brovar
Cozy and spacious restaurant and micro-brewery in two floors. Rakovsky Brovar brews very nice beer, so those that likes beer really has to visit Rakovsky Brovar. Even if Rakovsky Brovar is located in the centre of Minsk close to the Nemiga metro station it may be a bit hard to find, so take a additional look at the map before leaving for this Minsk best beer place the first time.
Address: Vitebskaya Ulitsa
Metro: Nemiga
Phone: 226-70-06

Rakovsky Brovar micro-brewery. December 2006
Rakovsky Brovar is brewing the best beer in Belarus.

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