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Visa to Belarus

For most citizens a visa is needed for entering Belarus. There are some different kinds of visas, tourist-, private- (guest), business-, study-, and transitvisas. If travelling to Belarus as a tourist you should have a tourist visa. The below information are for touristvisas and are just meant to give an overview of the visa process. Notice that Belarusian visas are not valid in Russia and vice versa.

How to obtain a Belarusian visa?

For a tourist visa one needs a voucher from a Belarussian travel agency, where the hotel stay is specified. The voucher should be sent together with the visa application, a passport seized colour photo taken head on, a recipt of payed visa fee and the passport itself to the Belarusian Embasy of your country. The passport has to be valid for at least 90 days from the last day on the visa.

It is possible to get the visa sent back by post but a prepaid envelope has to be sent together with the appliaciton. Most travel agencies offering tours to Belarus should also be able to help with the visa.

It takes 5 working days to make a visa, but for an extra fee it is possible to get it quicker.

When arriving in Belarus it is important to register the visa, if staying in a hotel they will do the registration. In other cases you may have to register yourself, you should then ask the organisation through which one you made the visa about the procedure.

An medical insurance valid in Belarus and acceepted by Belarusian authories is necessary to enter the Belarus. Learn more about insurances on the Belarusian embassy website

Up to date information about Belarusian visas

This information is only meant to give you an overview about Belarusian visas and how to obtain one. Visa rules may differ from one country to another and visa rules may change from time to time. Therefore it's strongly recommended that you check the current rules with your travel agency or Belarusian embassy before you start making a visa.

Find your closest Belarusian embassy or consulate on:


Do also see the section "Travel companies." where you may find travel agencies through which you may book your trip, hotel, make your visa and more.

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